The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks - Jeanne Theoharis This insightful and revealing first full-length biography of Rosa Parks shatters all the myths about her that began with her arrest in Montgomery in 1955. Rosa Parks may have been shy, may not have worn her angry militancy on her sleeve, but she was never apolitical. She was never the accidental activist, the mild-mannered seamstress too tired to give up her seat on the bus as depicted in the "national fable" of her life. Rosa's intense resentment of and lifelong resistance to racial injustice was instilled in her from an early age by her grandparents and parents. She made a living as a skilled tailor but her lifelong vocation was fighting for equality with the NAACP, the Montgomery Improvement Association, the Black Power movement, and a hundred other organizations and campaigns to which she selflessly offered her time and talent. Theoharis chronicles Rosa's lifelong activism from working with the NAACP in Alabama and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, to her leadership in civil rights activities in Detroit, her involvement in the Black Power movement, campaigns for black political candidates, and more. Theoharis also reveals the terrible economic, emotional, and physical toll Rosa's tireless activism had upon her and her husband Raymond. This is the story of the real Rosa Parks, the one everyone should know.